Endless Endless Encore


Krista is the most talented creative person I know. She is equally able to organize existing material as she is to create from scratch.
From the time we met, she has enjoyed doodling, dotting her letters and creating on paper. This has continued to evolve and become emotionally and productively rewarding. I'm happy to support her abilities by providing time and resources to create for herself, our family and others.
I'm grateful she married me and for all of this, she deserves an Endless Encore. Please browse examples of her work and share her talents with others who appreciate them. - David Thomas

Krista's creativity deserves applause because it makes the world a better place. It makes everything around her warmer, sweeter, prettier and better! Voila! - Julia Zeiler

Some of the most talented work that I saw Krista do were all of the costumes/dresses (and vests for our wedding) that she made. Oh, and the suit that she made as well!... All were professional quality! - J.R. Thomas

Krista is sooo amazingly talented! Her creativity earns her an A+. When there is a project in front of her she tackles it with gusto. She thinks it through, figures out what needs to be done and then the fun begins. In the first couple years of her marriage she mastered the sewing machine like a pro. She has made some amazing quilts for family members. Her face lights up when she starts planning the families Halloween costumes. They are the hit of the night. When her children have projects assigned at school she helps them turn in top notch, creative, innovative assignments. And she makes time to help them practice/memorize their presentations. She is a very caring parent. Her home is decorated each season with Tole painting projects where she has taken the instructions of the teacher and then made the projects hers by changing/tweaking/adding to them to make them hers. Her current talented endeavor has taken her back to school. I love seeing photos of her highly creative school projects. Krista loves learning and it shows. She doesn't sit on the sideline of life. She is right there in the middle of it.
Krista has certainly earned a standing ovation for using and multiplying her many talents! - Karen Thomas

The blue wedding dresses that Krista made are amazing. Our girls still wear them and feel like princesses with them on. Thank you. - Tim Thomas

With Krista, it's not WHAT she does, it's HOW she does it! First, She ENJOYS the challenge of whatever project that she takes on. I admire her intellectual and creative energy! Whether itís costumes for Halloween or pretty dresses for the girls for weddings or special events, she really exhibits a great zeal for the projects! Next, she is CONFIDENT in her projects. This confidence causes her to seem to quickly finish those projects. Finally, she demonstrates a deep SATISFACTION with her work. Not only because of the final product, but for the joy that the product brings to others.
While she has completed MANY of these projects, the one that stands out most vividly in my mind was the creative, self-image masking tape bust of herself. When I saw it, I was first, blown away at her creativity and second, VERY impressed with the quality of her work. She captured the essence of her own image!
I am always in awe of her many gifted talents! What I truly enjoy seeing her make most is the big smile that she puts on the face of my oldest son! I'm so glad that she's part of the family! - Jim Thomas

Because she is so good at dreaming up something and figuring out how to make it a reality, and because she uses it to bless so many others' lives -- her children, friends, family, and those at church! - Tracey Evans

She is amazing with the boys in scouts. I always see very creative projects coming out with the boys. She's perfect for her scout leader calling. - Jennie Majestic

This is mighty Korny....... but Krista is Not!
Love - Ray and Alice Harper

Krista gives 110% in everything she does and is very good at anything she tries. I can tell that she has passion for her family and her hobbies as she gets excited when talking about them. She deserves applause for all that she does. - Tina HoChing

The thing I remember most about her sewing skills was the dress she made Hannah for my wedding - the one with the rose petals in the skirt. I still use it to remind my mother-in-law who you and Krista are (you know the one who made the rose petal dress for my niece for my wedding!). - Buffy Baynes

Krista is so talented artistically. What I like so much about her is the ease to which she handles her life. I feel good energy whenever I'm around her. - Rebecca Deighan

Krista's talents are many and I am in awe when I see the results--the great halloween costumes, the beautiful cards she makes, her class assignments for design, etc. Not to mention that she is an awesome mother, wife, and friend--and finds time to do it all!! ^..^ - Sandy Hamilton

Krista appears to be a very kind, patient, loving mother who would give the world for her kids. - Mike Deighan

I am continually amazed at Krista's ability to put colors and textures together in such a beautiful way. Her sewing shows attention to details that always translate to a beautiful creation. I have loved the different Raggdy Ann & Andy's she has created. Her card creations have been exceptional. Her ability to create crafts to teach is amazing. In each field she applies her artistic talents she is amazing. I am glad to call her my daughter. - Donna Bridston

Probably the thing I think of first when I think of Krista was being at her slumber party...I want to say maybe 12 years old? Give or take a year or two. I remember vividly the fun games we played and having a great time! I'd say she was very creative even back then.
Since its only been a few years since that slumber party... ;);) were not that old after all... I have been so grateful for facebook to catch a glimpse of her life and all of many accomplishments and talents since knowing her as a kid. It is always inspiring when a Mom, takes time to work hard and fulfill her dreams! It inspires all of us~including her children! I'm so happy to see that she is out there using and improving her talents and can't wait to see how much these talents give back to the world! You go Krista!! - Cheri Miklich

Happy Valentine's Day to a very deserving, talented wife and mother. We are so fortunate to have people we can call on at any time for anything. The beautiful Primary portraits you drew for our songs we sang were always colorful and teaching tools. The kids learned the songs and everyone benefitted. Keep up the good work. - Susie Taylor

I think Krista is a wonderful Mom , and very talented in alot of things , crafts , writing , and all the things she loves to do, she has a kind and loving heart and a very special lady whom I am glad to call my friend. Hugs and love ya Krista - Charlene Watton

Krista is talented beyond words! Her creativity is original and unique just like she is! - Leticia Beck

Krista's designs are some of the most creative I have seen (I will never forget that mushroom!). She puts a lot of love into her work and it shows. Everything looks very polished, well put- together, and professional. I wish I had her talent! - Natalie LeVangie

Krista made the most adorable baby blanket that I absolutely love! It was perfect for my baby boy. She is talented in so many ways and I am grateful she shared her talent with me. - Bethany Smith

Krista has a gift... EVERYTHING she touches turns to gold! Her eye for design and detail is amazing! The greatest part of Krista's many gifts is her giving spirit and humility. She quietly shares her gifts and talents with humility and love. (I adore that about you, Krista!) My granddaughter who is suffering from cancer is the benefactor of one of Krista's creations... a Raggedy Ann doll that is priceless and will be treasured for years to come.
I am so grateful for Krista and that she makes the world a better place! Love, - DeeAnne Bluhm

I think she is an awesome seamstress. Most recently I saw her sewing on the hair and face of a Ragedy Ann (or Andy) Doll and it looked amazing. It looked better than store bought. I wish I had that talent and patience. - Melissa Jensen

Krista is an amazing inspiration! Whatever the challenge, she always seems to accept. It's one thing to be talented at a few things as a mother, but when you need to compile a portfolio to remember the many things you are capable of accomplishing, you clearly deserve an immense amount of applause! - Kerri Fergot

Krista is one of the most talented people I've ever met. I love her painting and her sewing is amazing. I love how every year she dedicates time and great effort to make your kids Halloween costumes. They always turn out amazing. Even with 3 small children she has so much energy to create projects and time for herself and family. She truly is an amazing woman! I'm honored to know her! - Mindy Baxter

She makes great things and share then so that everyone can enjoy and appreciate. - Lauren Letha Thomas

Krista doesn't use her creativity as a small hobby to pass time but to help other people. from keeping family and friends warm with her amazing blankets to turning a room into a deep dark forest or a bright shinning castle. She also uses it to help other people complete they're projects just as they pictured it. Krista creativity is a gift she uses to give love to her friends and family. - Kurt Gerlach

Krista is the most artistically talented person I know!!! She can do ANYTHING! Sewing, drawing, design of all kinds! I'm very proud of her and have bebefitted greatly because of all the beautiful things she has made me over the years. Thank you Krista for sharing your talent. I love you. - Mary Gerlach

Krista is one of the most creative people I know. She is not only proficient in one art, but is extremely talented in several ares of expertise. Her painting is beautiful, any project she takes on is done with near perfection, and she can even come up with plenty of wonderful designs to keep her work interesting. Along with these talents, she makes her home and surroundings beautiful and shows her creativity wherever she can! - Holly Rader

I always appreciate the thought that goes into your creative gifts. Christmas presents, Baby presents...whatever it is for, you always come up with something unique and full of love. - Suzanne Wohlford

Krista Thomas is an amazingly talented woman with an even bigger heart filled with compassion and love. Her many talents are greatly numbered, but I love her sewing skills. One Christmas she sewed beautiful quilts for everyone in her family. For Halloween, she is always making top notch professional costumes for herself and children. She never ceases to amaze me with her projects that she takes on with a passion and completes them to perfection. More importantly, she shares her talents with others by giving her friends and family a piece of heart through the item she makes. - Jenniffer Burgi

Krista is one of the most creative, loving and giving person that I know...and she is my sister, which makes me one lucky person. I love her and she is an amazing inspiration to me. - Jennifer Bain

I am always amazed when I see a picture of something Krista has created. She has a amazing talent, and I hope she continues to find ways to develop and share it. - Karlyn Mahnken

I love coming to cubs each week to see what interesting, creative thing Krista has for my Stevie to do, make or create. She's a wonder and her creativity in the Wolf Cub Scout Den totally deserves applause!! - Alita Watkins

Krista is not only creative, but responsible. Whenever she has been asked to help in any capacity, she does what is asked plus a little extra. She is reliable, dependable and cheerful. - Janet Larson